Eye Street Massage Therapy: Our Covid Precautions

We at Eye Street Massage Therapy take health and safety precautions very seriously. We want you to know what we’re doing to keep you and us as safe as possible under current conditions.

We listen to the experts

We continue to comply with the regulations of the mayor’s office and follow health guidelines from the CDC, OSHA, EPA and AIHA, as well as professional massage and bodywork associations, including the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, and the American Massage Therapy Association.


When you book your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email and/or text with links to 3 forms that we ask you to complete and return to us in advance of your appointment. They include:


What remains the same for us

  • Linens are changed between each client, and laundered on-site to maintain hygienic standards
  • Hand washing with soap and water before the start and after each appointment
  • A hand wash sink with soap and paper towels is located near the treatment rooms.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in treatment rooms and as soon as you enter our waiting area
  • In-room air filters run 24/7
  • Online/contact-less scheduling and payment options.
  • Options for clothed massage if you prefer

What’s new for us

  • No walk-in appointments. Bookings must be made 2 hours in advance to give us time to review health history and covid forms.
  • Face masks or coverings over nose AND mouth are required for all clients and therapists at all times - in treatment rooms, shared spaces, restrooms
  • Screening of all therapists for covid symptoms or exposure each day before they work
  • Screening of all clients for covid symptoms or exposure each and every time they make an appointment
  • All clients will be required to complete and sign an online covid screening questionnaire EACH TIME they book an appointment and return it in advance of the session
  • All clients will be required to complete and sign an online informed consent to treatment to cover them for the upcoming and future appointments, and this will be kept with their records
  • All clients will be required to complete and sign a health intake online and return it in advance of their session
  • You will receive the above 3 forms in a confirmation email or text when you make an appointment.
  • Therapists may call you in advance of your session to review your intake and go over expectations and to reduce face-to-face time and to limit conversation in the treatment room.
  • If you wish to re-book after your session, we encourage you to do so online to reduce the time spent in the waiting area.
  • Fewer therapists and fewer clients to limit the number of people in the studio at at time to avoid overcrowding.
  • Staggered appointments to decrease the likelihood of you having to cross paths with other clients
  • Interaction with only your therapist
  • Temperature checks of both therapists AND clients with no-touch thermal thermometer at the entryway of our studio
  • Longer buffer periods between sessions to allow ample time for cleaning and sanitization
  • Increased cleaning, disinfection and sanitization in general with EPA-approved products
  • Reduced menu of services for the time being. For example, no couples massage. Not all therapists will not be offering chair massage.
  • Therapist will wear gloves (on request.) Therapists will wear face shields as appropriate.

Precautionary Measures The Landlord Is Taking Against Influenza and COVID-19

The building management at 1634 Eye Street has increased disinfection of all high-touch common surfaces (e.g. door handles, elevator buttons); including a broad-spectrum disinfecting misting system, which is effective in preventing the spread of viruses on multiple surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas.

They have supplied hand sanitizer by elevators on every floor.

They have elevated the filter rating for the main HVAC units.

Building staff are required to wear masks and they ask all visitors/guests to wear a mask also.

Guests are asked to please practice physical distancing whenever possible.

We encourage all to limit the number of people getting into the elevator to avoid crowding, wear a mask, and avoid chatting.

How To Prepare For Your Appointment & What to Expect


Please arrive at least 5 minutes early and wait outside until we let you know that it is time for you to enter. We ask that you give us a call, 202-463-0987, so that we know you are here. We will do a quick intake and Covid screening over the phone and and let you know when we are ready for you. Please have on your mask before you enter. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for a small fee. Friends and family of the client are not allowed to wait in the reception area while the client receives massage, unless they are the client’s legal guardian.


Masks have been shown to limit the spread of the virus. You must wear an appropriate face mask or covering that covers both nose and mouth at all times in the building. If you do not have one, we will provide you with a mask for a small fee. If it is uncomfortable for you to wear a mask while in a lying face-down position, let the therapist know, and they can administer the massage in a side-lying position.


If you arrive wearing medical gloves, we will ask you to remove the gloves before entry since they may be contaminated.


We kindly ask you to use the hand sanitizer provided by the elevator or immediately upon entering our studio or washing your hands for 20-30 seconds with soap and water. The therapists always wash their hands before and immediately following a session. If you would like your therapist to wear gloves for the session please let them know before the session begins.


We will not be serving water at this time so please consider bringing your own.


When you arrive, we will greet you at the door and take your temperature using a no-touch thermal temperature scanner to ensure your temperature is no higher than 100.4 degrees F or 37.5 degrees C. If you have a temperature above 100.4 degrees F, or if you have developed cold or flu-like symptoms or other symptoms suggesting illness since the pre-session phone call, we will need to cancel or reschedule your session, and we recommend you contact your primary care physician for consultation.


The therapist will show you to the treatment room and avoid lingering in the wait area. We ask that you keep your personal belongings in one place please. We can provide you with a bag for your personal items. We would like to keep talking to a minimum other than to check on pressure and your comfort. Face massage is prohibited at this time. If you are uncomfortable wearing the mask in the lying face-down position, we can work with you to find a solution, and can address most conditions a side-lying or supine (face up) position.


We will process payment using the card that was used to book the appointment. You may still add gratuity at your discretion. If you have a gift certificate you would like to redeem, please let us know in advance of the session and provide us with all the details so that we can check you out efficiently.


If you experience any symptoms or feel ill, please wait to schedule until you’ve been free of symptoms at least 14 days. If you’ve already scheduled and you develop symptoms, please call us to cancel. We will waive the cancellation fee.


If you develop any cold or flu-like symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 in the days following your massage, please notify us immediately. We fully comply with DC health regulations and guidelines, and will disclose staff or client personal information (i.e. telephone number, address and date(s) of service) if necessary for contact tracing. Otherwise, your health information is confidential and we will not share your health date without your consent.

We're all in this together. We will do our best to observe best practices and appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Thank you!

Please book your appointment online (easiest) or call us at 202-463-0987. If you are calling from a landline, please leave a detailed message so we can get back to you. If you are calling from a smartphone, we can also text a reply to you. Thank you!